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      SD1993 NH34 GMT Automatic Watch

      SD1993 NH34 GMT Automatic Watch

      The SD1993 NH34 is a remarkable mechanical watch from Steeldives that I highly recommend to any mechanical watch enthusiast.  This brand is known for its traditional craftsmanship that creates high-quality, high-performance, and high-value mechanical watches.  Let me tell you more about this watch in detail.

       First, let's talk about its appearance.  This watch features a circular dial with a diameter of 41mm, making it a perfect size for most wrists.  The main color of the dial is black, giving it a sleek and sophisticated look.  The hands and markers are beautifully crafted and highly refined, and the outer rim of the dial has a gear-like texture, which adds depth to the watch's overall design.  

      The watch's case and band are made of stainless steel metal, ergonomic design suitable for wear, wear and comfort.  Clear sapphire crystal glass, no matter any Angle, can clearly read the time.  Tight bottom screw bottom cover design, can firmly protect the internal movement structure, waterproof depth up to 300 meters, suitable for most underwater activities. 

      Let's now discuss its performance. With its self-designed NH34 movement, which includes a revolutionary shock-absorbing system and a highly effective winding mechanism, this watch offers accurate and reliable timekeeping. The watch also includes a special GMT feature that shows two time zones concurrently in a striking color scheme that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, the watch has a luminous feature that makes the hands and hour markers shine in the dark, making it simple to tell the time even in dim lighting. The watch is suitable for the majority of aquatic sports because it is water-resistant up to 300 meters.

      A reputable brand to purchase from is Steeldives, a well-known Chinese watch company that promotes social responsibility and environmental sustainability in addition to superb craftsmanship. The company is dedicated to the history and innovation of mechanical watches and frequently debuts new designs and features that broaden public awareness of and affection for these timepieces.

      In conclusion, the SD1993 NH34 is an outstanding mechanical watch from Steeldives that I highly recommend.  It has a beautiful appearance and impressive performance, making it a great choice for anyone in the market for a mechanical watch.

      Steeldive SD1910S- Elegant green dial with bronze bezel

      Steeldive SD1910S- Elegant green dial with bronze bezel

      Looking for a stylish and functional timepiece? It must be the Steeldive SD1910S. Let's take a look at the numerous advantages this watch offers.

      First, the Steeldive SD1910S diving watch is a very reliable watch.  It is made to survive both normal wear and tear and harsh circumstances, including deep-sea diving.  Anyone who appreciates water sports or activities will find the watch to be great because it is waterproof up to 1,000 meters.  The watch keeps its pristine state even after years of use thanks to its durable bronze casing and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

      The Steeldive SD1910S is a timer that is incredibly accurate and durable.  It is driven by the precise and dependable Japanese NH35 self-winding mechanical movement.  The movement has a power reserve of roughly 41 hours, so even if the watch is not worn for a few days, it will still function properly.

      Another aspect that consumers should consider is the vintage design of the Steeldive SD1910S.  The watch boasts an eye-catching green dial that gives it a bold appeal.  It is straightforward to read luminous time hands and markers even in low light.

      The Steeldive SD1910S is also a versatile watch that can be worn for a variety of occasions.  Its classic design and high-quality construction make it ideal for formal occasions, while its waterproof and durable features make it perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming or diving.

      For anyone who values quality, durability, and personality, the Steeldive SD1910S is a fantastic option.  It is a classic yet timeless investment watch thanks to its dependability, accuracy, and timeless design.  The Steeldive SD1910S is likely to wow, whether you're a collector or just searching for a fine watch to wear in any circumstance.

      How to maintain the mechanical watch movement

      How to maintain the mechanical watch movement

       Watches are one of the most important tools in our lives, and many people wear them while traveling. Mechanical watches are the most valuable types of watches. Mechanical watches, particularly mechanical watch movements, are more careful than quartz watches while using.

      • Normal wear to avoid vibration

      Only with an appropriate amount of activity can it continue to wind and run normally (the wearer may walk slowly when the activity is small, which is a normal phenomenon. Although the watch is shockproof, it is easy to break the tip of the balance shaft or the journal of the wheel train when the external impact is strong, and it can also cause the vibration of the fast and slow hands to affect the travel time. When using it for the first time, please rotate the crown 20-30 times to make the mainspring initially wound).

      • Avoid magnetization

      Although the watch is made of nonmagnetic materials that are not easily magnetized, the magnetic field, such as the magnetic buckle on the TV, next to the radio speaker, backpack, or purse, has a significant impact on the travel time.

      • waterproof watch

      Try not to wear the watch while swimming or washing clothes. When it rains or gets wet, do not pull out the crown to adjust the watch; instead, dry it immediately.

      Sea water is even more impenetrable. Even if the watch is marked waterproof, it can only be guaranteed waterproof for one year because the waterproof ring of the watch will be tired after a year of wear and tear, as well as various unavoidable external factors such as sweat and dust, so the waterproof ring must be replaced after one year; otherwise, the waterproof function will be lost.

      • watch cleaning

      Generally speaking,3-5 years of oil washing is determined by the following factors:

       1.The watch's seal 

       2.The watch's wearing degree (wear degree) 

       3.A quartz watch can prolong the oil-washing cycle.

       4.Men's watches or pocket watches may be thinner, and the oil washing cycle for women's watches may be longer.

      • Long-term storage of unused watches

      The oil on the watch will deteriorate if it is not stored in a suitcase with mothballs or health balls, and the time will be inaccurate.It needs to be wound or worn to ensure flexible internal activities every month.

      The summer radiator

      Hello everyone, and I wish a good day, and welcome to the steel diver watches shop. Let me share with you that the protagonist of our shop today is steeldive sd 1968. I hope that after reading my sharing, you can all become wristwatches collector weekly.

      The price of this submarine watch is not expensive. The 22 mm watch bands are made of hollow silicone material with a 22mm silicone watch band. You can take a look at the color of the strap below, which is a must in summer.
      Here is a brief introduction to its features and functions:
      The MM300 is a slightly unusual watch because it is monoblock (without a case back) – meaning that the movement is encased from the dial side – ensuring great protection and the 300m water-resistance.
      Watch Specification
      Model: SD1968
      Movement: Japan NH35 automatic, 41 hours of energy storage.
      Case material: 316L stainless steel
      Case back: 316L stainless steel
      Bezel: 60 Click unidirect rotational ceramic bezel
      Watch mirror: sapphire crystal with AR coating.
      Water resistance: 300 m /30 ATM
      Luminous: Swiss BGW9 blue super luminous.
      Crown: Screw-Down
      Case back: Monoblock Case
      Watch Dimension
      Case diameter: 44mm (without crown)
      Case length: 50.7mm (lug to lug)
      Case thickness: 17.2mm
      Lug width: 20mm
      Our service
      Warranty: 2 years
      Delivery: DHL
      Returns policy: 30-day return and refund.
      Style: automatic watch, dive watch, luxury watch
      Package: watch, box, warranty card, user manual
      The brand trademark is also very delicate, as shown in the picture:

      After the upgraded version of simple mens watches, there are more wrist watch enthusiasts repurchased. This is one of the important members of our submariner watch shop. There are many others such as sd 1970 watch, steeldiver sd 1953, sd1975 steeldive, steeldive sd 1969, steeldive sd1962, steeldive sd1940, steeldiver sd1940 bronze and so on, these are all watches The leader of mechanical watches in the world, all men watches luxury watches in our shop are well deserved.

      Finally, let me announce the models and features of today’s hot-selling watches. If you are interested, you can search to find out: men watch watches mens 2021 mens watches top brand luxury vip watch san martin watch store designer watch men watches luxury watches richard mille datejust watches for men tuna watch gmt watch mens luxury watch luxury watch men automatic 62mas submariner watch pt5000 dress watch men gold watch watches mens women mechanical watches designer watches men high quality san martin official store watch movement mechanical chronograph watch dial brand watch escapement time watch bronze watch case men watches 2021 luxury fashion watch men automatic chronograph watch day date watch nh35 movement automatic watches san martin official watch store turtle watch chronograph watch men watch men luxury brand famous automatic dive watch luxury watch for men minimalist watch gmt custom watch san martin 62mas tops automatic watch orange saphire watch steel dive oficial store mens diver watch aut omatic wind tudor pelagos homage watch heimdallr skx black bay marine master stainless steel watch men automatic dive watch g watch 1969 steeldive watch 22 mm watch bands 40mm watch 45 mm diver watch luminor watch complete charms bracelet wholesale 22 mm watch bands mechanic simple mens watches sd1975 45 mm diver watch green watch dial diver watches classic men watches

      Okay, share it all here today, and see you next time.

      Between you and me, can't give up.

      Hello everyone, and welcome to our steel dive watch store again. I have been operating mechanical watches for many years, and there are many wristwatches that I can hardly forget. Among them, the most difficult one is sd 1970 watch. Yes, without his company, there would be no today. The results. I believe that many watch enthusiasts like this steeldive submariner watch. Also forget more, especially those watch enthusiasts who repurchase. It is you who gave steel diver watches hope and light, and also injected a lot of emotions into it. Thank you again.

      SD1970 is the reincarnation of 6105, commonly known as "Captain Willard" because of its role in the movie "Apocalypse". Steeldive SD1970 is a great value watch. It is reliable, hard-wearing and looks great. This is a submariner watch that is constantly praised by owners and admirers. Its shell is by no means inferior to other brands such as heimdallr watches, san martin bronze watches, addiesdive watches, etc. It can definitely make the wearer stand out from the crowd.

      It adopts Japan NH35 automatic and has 41 hours of energy storage function.
      Many customers repurchase because the price/performance ratio is very good. And many of the logistics and transportation services of watch manufacturer china are basically transported through DHL.
      The cover material of sd1970 steeldive watch is 316L stainless steel, which is different from ordinary watches. The quality cannot be questioned. And the lower cover is also made of 316L stainless steel. Meet the requirements of customers. It is made of 120 click unidirect rotational ceramic bezel, and a mirror with sapphire crystal with AR coating, 20 atm water resistance, is there a luminous? Of course, Swiss C3 green and BGW9 blue super luminous. It looks quite mysterious, and many watch enthusiasts like it. This is definitely the pursuit of best watches for outdoor enthusiasts. Case material is 316L stainless steel mirror, much better than many wrist enthusiast watches
      , This is the meaning of luxury watches online.
      The material of the watch strap is stainless steel, stainless steel watch straps 22mm. fit for SD1975, SD1978, SD1969series mod. In addition, you can also buy a lot of watch straps you like on this website https://www.steeldives.com/
      And on this website you can buy many suitable for heimdallr monster, heimdallr 62mas, heimdallr bronze watch, heimdallr sharkmaster 300, steeldive sd 1940, steeldive sd1969 and so on.

      Share it here today, and friends who subscribe to our email remember to pay attention to the discount information of the store.
      see you later.